KMT 4th Harmonic

Amanda DonnaMarie Wurm King

Born 9-18-07:  8 lbs - 5 oz:  20" long

Here is the first picture of our new addition with Colleen and the kids!

We have been in a holding pattern here the last 6 months, waiting somewhat impatiently for our new arrival.  However our first trimester was spent blaming each other for our fourth kid, as we were not really planning on this one!  These last months have been a fast blaze through life, as things were going to change dramatically.

We had to figure out new beds, where the kids were going to sleep, can we put an addition on the house, what the work situation was going to entail, can we go on vacation over the summer, along with all sorts of other questions.  I recall discussing with Colleen before any of this got going was that things were starting to "gel" and life was getting back to normal....whatever that means...and that the kids were getting to an age where we could really go and do anything we wanted as a family.  Well, we were surprised of course by all this and the reality of it all took a bit to set in!

All along, the three rug rats had been keeping us on our toes of course.  Each one has their own world experiences, surrounded by experiences together which can make things interesting as they get on one each others nerves.  But they all have a good time together and act as a single unit much of the time, which is really neat to see.  The pecking order had been set, only to be turned upside down.  Now it remains to be seen how it all turns out.  It will be a great life learning event for all the spirits in our house!


Patricia's 9th Birthday Party!

"Our Mud Covered Spirits"

The last week had been kind of crazy, as Colleen had contractions on and off since the 12th, with thinking that we were about to make a trip to the OB Ward.  But they always seemed to slack off and a few nights of sleep were granted.  So we tried to go about our daily things as much as we could, all along wondering how we could get things rolling.

Thursday the 13th was Patricia's 9th birthday, we thought we were going to have the baby, but we just had cake!

We did not know which baby would come first...the new Flex-5000A serial #8 beat Amanda by just a few days!

We never thought we would make it to Friday for my company picnic, but sure enough we are able to make that and have a nice dinner.  That happened to be our 11th wedding anniversary as well, so going to a picnic with the family was a great way to spend it.

On Saturday, Colleen took the kids to the local "Heritage Village" event for the entire morning, churned butter, ground corn for flour, etc.  The she walked 3 miles and I also caught her vacuuming the house and picking up toys while she was on her hands and knees.  She said she was doing what she could to get things rolling.  I said "Honey, I think you missed a spot..."

Getting ready for her daily walk...

Sunday, we went to Mark's place (KBNMQ) to watch the Viking's football game.  It was his 40th surprise B-day party and we all had a great time.  Even with all the commotion and screaming at the TV as the Vikings lost by a heartbreaking overtime field goal to Detroit, the baby said "not yet".

Colleen hangin with Mark - KBNMQ at his 40th Bday Party

Monday, Colleen went to work in the morning and then took the kids on a long walk to the park for the afternoon, still nada....

Tuesday the 18th rolled around and we went in for another OB checkup.  All was good and Belinda (our CNM - Certified Nurse Midwife) said that we would probably be seeing her in the next day.  With that she suggested that we go home and get some sleep.  I was for sure up for that and laid down with the kids to keep them out of Colleen's hair so she could also get some sleep.

Jenna works some DX while waiting for the baby....Or was listening to ABBA...Im not sure and their MP3s.....

Well, when I woke up around 3:30, Colleen had never taken a nap and was doing email, work calls, housework, etc.  So at least one of us got some rest!  About an hour later I noticed she was looking a bit stressed.  She said she was having some contractions, not to worry of course.  I got cleaned up and checked again with her, they were getting stronger so we tossed everything in the car and ran to pick up Patricia from an after school program.

Good thing the hospital is right in the middle of town, as we got upstairs to the OB ward at 4:55, we had baby Amanda just minutes later at 5:30!  Everything went real quick and with no time to get anyone else involved, the kids got to take in the birth of their new baby sister without being freaked out at all.  Colleen was a trooper and really had only about 10 minutes of hard labor.  Three big contractions and Amanda was born!


Looking very good!


Amanda gets a great checkup by Belinda and then gets inked!


Happy kids!


Dad gets a picture with Amanda and her first smile while Matthew poses with the picture he colored for the baby...


Cell phones make telling the world pretty easy!

Nice wallet pictures!


First there was 5 of us...

Now we are six!

We are all very thankful that the birth of our 4th (and hopefully last) went so well.  We now have a full house and I'm off to check over again how I'm going to pay for college :)

73 from the King Family