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UPDATED February 15th 2009

Here we are again…more projects means some of the existing stuff has to go. The XYL will let me "gather" just so much in terms of materials.

Some of the things listed here are just in addition to my needs. Sometimes I pick stuff up and never get around to using it and you may find that some things here may be of use to you! Some other stuff I got and used for a bit, but no longer need them or don’t use them anymore. Each item will have a description of its history!

For payment, I take Paypal or good ol cash.  Checks are at my discretion if I know you.  Paypal email is

If you figure out what my email stands for, then you get a $1 credit :)

Here is the deal. If you send the money and I get it, you will get the item. The item will be sent with delivery confirmation, so I will know if you got it. No bullshit, no messing around. Larger items will be insured. No exceptions. If your worried about my status, check out my eBay feedback – eBay username km0t – or just ask around. 73 and enjoy the list. – KMØT


Well, I had good intentions, but it has become apparent that this is a project I will never get to.  With 4 kids in the house now, I have limited time for projects!

I have been sitting on these for a bit, the Atlas, Janus and Ozzy equipment.  Those of you who know the SDR-1000 from Flex-Radio and are part of the growth of this radio, also know that the Atlas / Janus / Ozzy setup is said to give the best performance that the SDR-1000 can get.  More information is available at and also on the Flex-Radio reflector archives.  I have never assembled or used one of these setups, so questions regarding such will have to be answered by others.

Note that none of the kits or bags have been opened and they have all been stored here ready for implementation, so all items should be as they were when I ordered them from TAPR.

Atlas Kits and Boards - Sold by sets - PCB and Atlas parts kit.   NOTE ONLY 2 BOARDS / KITS LEFT

$30 per kit shipped in the lower 48.

Here are pictures of the actual Atlas parts kit.


Atlas circuit boards...



M2 – 10M4DX:

4 element 10 Meter monobander yagi – 8.7 dBd – 23’ boom. Up for one season, been in the garage for two years. About 3 years old only. Originally purchased from Burghardts. Currently partially assembled. Worked great, just took it down to put up more VHF/UHF antennas.

Would prefer local pickup, but can disassemble and ship for a bit extra.

New Price: $420 + shipping

Disassembled price: $275 + shipping

Pickup Price: $250

Serious can be made available

KLM 10M-6 HD:

6 element 10 Meter monobander yagi –KLM specs are 11 dBd – 27.5’ boom. Was partially assembled but never put up. As I was getting it all together, I got a bit scared about how big this thing was from a neighborhood view standpoint. So I took it apart and put it in the garage. That’s when I went to the M2 – 10M4DX.

This was one of the last antennas KLM ever made, then they went out of business. In fact I was wondering if I would ever get it. They were having problems I found out during the process but it managed to get out the door.

This was a special order antenna. It has the extra heavy duty 3" boom in lieu of the standard 2" boom. Because of that, this animal came shipped via truck.  Balun is 4:1 - Rated at 5KW.  F/B is 30 dB.  Windload 4 sqr ft.  Serial number 315318.

Because of that, local pickup only. I cannot comment on the operation of this antenna, except to say that in its day, the KLM monobander series from what I understand was quite good.

Paid Price: $450 + shipping (uhhhhggg)

Pickup Price: $300

Serious can be made available  


Transco 28V Latching Relays - sold as a pair - $60 - Great for a 2 rig IF switch project!


Note – all relays have been tested for operation, so I know they work. RF performance may be varied, as most are used unless indicated as new.  

Other Items........

LCD Panel Mount Voltmeters:

Mast Mount Rotor Base for Alliance Rotor T2X variety.

There is a CD available from Matt Arthur, KAØPQW.  Lots of you know him as a beacon from EN33, Ellendale Minnesota.  Matt is active on 50, 144, 222 and 432 Mhz as well as some HF bands.

Matt put together a very fine CD of gospel acoustic guitar music on this cut.  I have a copy and I told Matt that I would advertise it for him on my "for sale" page.  If you feel like that you would like a copy, just contact Matt at

Here are a few pics from the CD sure you let him know where you heard about it!  Gotta love the tower with the yagis on the front cover!

That's it for now!

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