KMØT 2nd Harmonic

Jenna Michaela Wurm King

Born 7-12-02:  7 lbs - 3 oz:  21" long

Here is the first picture of our little girl with mom Colleen.  Mom looks like she is glad its all over!

This was an event that was most anticipated here at the King household!  We had been looking forward for a very long time to have another child, and we were blessed with this new little one.  She is perfect in every way and we feel blessed to have had all go so well for us.  With big sister Patricia, who is definitely "Our Spirit" in the household, it was not hard to decide to have another little one that was just like her!

  "Our Spirit"

Mom went into labor in the early afternoon on Thursday the 11th and I came home from work early to help out and try to keep Patricia occupied.  That way mom could put her feet up and try to relax a bit.

Around 9:00, I noticed that Colleen was starting to strain a bit, so I convinced her that it was time to go!

We made it to the hospital just a few minutes later (right in town) and they checked her out.  Contractions were 5 minutes apart but she was not progressing.  So we were a bit disappointed thinking it was going to be a speedy delivery.  Patricia came so quick we barely made it last time.  However this time we may have been a bit over cautious since we had a bit more experience under our belt!

So we all "chilled" at the OB ward for some time and started the waiting process while the staff monitored Colleen.


Patricia wanted to "play baby" so I held her like I did when she was born, to recreate the first picture with her.  Well as you can see, it just doesn't work :)  She was all giggly and was having a good time until she got a bit sleepy.  As did I!

Well, Patricia fell asleep on the chair about 1:00 AM and I did as well in the delivery bed.  Colleen could not sleep and was wandering around and just riding out the mini contractions.  The nurses came in a number of times to check on her, wondering if we should get sent home.  However, our care giver said Colleen should stay, things could change quickly!

Well she was definitely right.  I woke up about 2:30 and noticed Colleen was having to "breath" through the contractions.  At 3:15, the nurse came in and asked "how are you feeling" as Colleen was struggling through a good contraction.  They were getting closer together and much more intense.  They then called our caregiver and she was on her way!

About 3:25, things were heating up and Patricia woke up on the chair to see that the room was full of nurses with all kinds of activity going on.  Colleen progresses so quickly that it took everyone by surprise and the nurse at this point was saying "don't push yet!"  Our caregiver had not yet arrived.

A few brief moments later, she showed up and said "go ahead and push!"  (Duh!)

All went very quickly after that and Colleen delivered at 3:42.  As you can see, I look worse than mom!

At that point, everyone was all pumped up.  Patricia really did very well.  She sat quietly on the chair while the whole process took place.  She was still tired from waking up, so she tends to just relax during that time, so it worked out really good.  She then was pretty wide awake after the birth of Jenna and was pretty excited to be a big sister!

Here are a bunch of happy pictures!


A good friend of Colleen's showed up for the delivery as well.  Char is a an EMT and had never witnessed a birth.  So she made it just in time and got to get some real training!  Then a picture of the 3 girls in the family!


Shortly thereafter, Patricia had to lay down the law with Jenna.  Had to have that big sister talk with her about who really rules the roost, etc.


Patricia and I headed home about 5:00 AM and caught a few Zs.  We came back later on that morning and Patricia got her first lesson in changing diapers!  Mom was doing well and Jenna got her footprint business all taken care of.


This took all the juice out of me, so I opted for some post partum relief by taking my turn in the bed!

It was definitely a beautiful evening in Sioux Center!

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