KMØT 3rd Harmonic

Matthew Bernard King

Born 3-10-04:  8 lbs - 7 oz:  22" long

Here is the first picture of our first boy with mom Colleen.

We were feeling pretty good with two girls, but had always wanted a boy too.  However, chances of that I was told was pretty slim statistically.  However, we were going to "wait a bit" as Jenna was only a year ++ and having them pretty close might cause a bit more commotion at the King household.

Our girls, Patricia and Jenna were at the point where they were really starting to know one another and were starting to get on each other's nerves a bit.  Not that they ever effected the parent's nerves!  We were also blessed with two totally different personalities.  Patricia, a good kid and pretty docile, would like to help out and would pretty much mind her her manners.  Jenna on the other hand is our little devil and really has a mind of her own!  Many times I would catch her running down the hall with Patricia's toys or artwork that she was just playing with or drawing, just to get Patricia all riled up.  I could not believe that two kids from the same gene pool and raised under the same roof could be so different.  That's what has kept Colleen and I on our toes the last year or so.  They are in their own way the "Sprits" of the King household.


    "Our Spirits"

Well, as fate would have it, we found out before "our schedule" that Colleen was pregnant.  We went in for an ultrasound and discovered that we were going to have a baby boy!  We were very excited about that!

The coming months would prove to be very interesting as Colleen moved along with the pregnancy and as the kids got more and more rambunctious!  Everyone was fired up and thankfully everything progressed along very nicely.


The weekend before all this, Grandpa Bernie and Grandma Betty stopped in as well as did sister Nancy.  Colleen was showing signs of having to go in, but nothing solid kept happening.  We were on pins and needles those few days, but we took it all in stride and had fun with the visiting family.  The kids had a good time hanging out with the Grandparents and Aunt Nancy.



As the new week came along, things settled down, but we were still thinking "pretty soon".  Colleen went in for a checkup on Tuesday and we were told the baby would come within the next 3 days or so.

That early evening, she was moving along and all I could remember as I was jumbled out of sleep..."Mike! My water just broke!"  That was at 2:35AM.  A quick scramble in the house as the kids got awakened and dressed, all the junk thrown in the van and down the street we went.  Nice having the hospital just down the road right in town!

We got into the OB ward and our room at 2:50AM and the kids were in the room with us as we were waiting on our friend Rachel to come get them for a bit.  Jenna looked kind of puzzled as the nurses swooned over Colleen, wondering what was going on.


Shortly thereafter, the contractions were getting pretty good.  Belinda, our CNM - Certified Nurse Midwife, showed up at 3:05AM and the pushing began.  Colleen was trooper and the labor went very quick, the baby crowned at 3:10AM.  At 3:20AM, baby Matthew was born!

He was pretty purple at first, but pinked up right away.  They got him cleaned up and I got to cut the cord!  Matthew had dropped into the birth canal a few days earlier, and with the quick labor, got pretty bruised up in the face.  However, that soon went away.  Rachel then brought the kids in and they got to meet their baby brother!

Here are a bunch of happy pictures!




Now that I got my boy, I guess its time to dig up the books on getting his ham radio ticket!  With things going so smoothly, I also had time to get the new weather station up and running!  Look for weather data on the website very soon as I get the FTP information programmed into the system. 


It was definitely another beautiful evening in Sioux Center!

After all this settles down, hope to be on the air again real soon.

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